Capital Improvements


Capital investments in nonprofit infrastructure, such as support for capital equipment, facility expansion and renovations, technology upgrades and vehicle acquisition, can help enhance an organization’s impact by reducing operating costs, increasing revenue, developing process efficiencies, and ultimately, increasing access to and the quality of available services for low income, vulnerable populations. Further, capital investments help build the long term assets of nonprofit organizations. Despite these benefits, at the national level, the percentage of support invested in capital improvements is relatively low, 19% according to the Foundation Center, when compared with other types of philanthropic investments.

Over the past eight years, the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation has prioritized capital investments to strengthen the delivery of needed health and human services to vulnerable populations in Franklin County.

In 2014, Osteopathic Heritage Foundation and The Columbus Foundation formed a capital improvement funding partnership to support capital campaigns and projects designed to enhance service delivery and increase the efficiency of nonprofits serving vulnerable populations in Franklin County. Through the partnership, the foundations jointly solicit, review and fund capital grants in support of established and effective local nonprofit organizations.


Capital Improvement Funding Partnership: Year Three Investment Summary


Celebrating our partnership with The Columbus Foundation to respond to capital needs in our community.


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 Strengthening the Nonprofit Infrastructure (2008-2011)

 Year One
  Funding Award Presentation: November 2014
  Year One Summary Report: April 2015
 Year Two
  Funding Award Presentation: November 2015
Year Three
 RFP Announcement: March 2016 
 Funding Award Presentation: December 2016
 Year Three Summary Report: January 2017

Year Four
 Funding Award Presentation: November 2017