The Osteopathic Heritage Foundations established the Homelessness Funding Priority as a means to address a complex health and quality of life issue impacting communities across central and southeastern Ohio. The Homelessness Funding Priority was designed to help transform systems, improve service delivery and rapidly re-house the most vulnerable populations.


2012 marked the conclusion of the Homelessness Funding Priority and, over a seven year period, the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations invested over $3.2 million to support local planning and goal setting; advance capacity building efforts; and support implementation of innovative programs and services for individuals and families who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. 


Efforts advanced through the homelessness funding priority collectively impacted the lives of over 14,000 vulnerable individuals and families–helping them achieve greater self-sufficiency and housing stability.


Impact Reports

Read about the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations Homelessness Funding Priority in the 2012 Final Impact Report and the 2010 Impact Report.