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Hopewell Health Centers, Inc. (Hopewell) provides access to affordable, high quality integrated healthcare for all.  Designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center, Hopewell provides comprehensive health services throughout southeastern Ohio, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

Hopewell was formed in July, 2013 when Family Healthcare, Inc. and Tri-County Mental Health and Counseling Services, Inc. merged to create an integrated healthcare organization.  Prior to the merger, the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations (the Foundations) supported both organizations, dating back to 2002. Today, Hopewell operates clinics in nine counties and provides supportive services, such as early childhood programs and school-based behavioral health outreach, to additional partners in the region.  In several southeastern Ohio counties Hopewell is one of few healthcare providers. 

Foundation Support

Increasing access to primary, oral and behavioral healthcare services among vulnerable populations is central to the mission of the Foundations and Hopewell has served as a valued partner in advancing these goals.  The Foundations, directly and through funding partnerships, have supported Hopewell to expand and enhance their vital health services in underserved communities in southeastern Ohio with nearly $1.6 million in funding awards. 

According to Hopewell Health Centers’ CEO Mark Bridenbaugh, “A constant focus for us is on developing innovative solutions to fill healthcare gaps in the communities we serve.  With support from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations, we have been able to significantly increase the services provided to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations in southeastern Ohio.” 

Oral health remains a significant unmet healthcare need in Ohio, especially Appalachia Ohio, and improving access is a funding priority for the Foundations.  To date, the Foundations have directed over $4.2 million to effective strategies to improve access to care, including case management, dental safety net and loan repayment programs, as well as oral health education and training programs. 

In 2018, the Foundations partnered with Hopewell to create a new, comprehensive dental safety net clinic in Nelsonville, Ohio.  The Foundations approved $639,000 for the new dental access point to be located in the repurposed facility known as the Mary Hill Center, formerly Doctors Hospital of Nelsonville.  To be named the Heritage Dental Clinic, the new facility will house 12 dental operatories and serve residents from throughout southeastern Ohio.  When fully operational in 2019, the Heritage Dental Clinic is expected to serve 3,000 dental patients annually and provide 14 new professional jobs in the region.  

The Heritage Dental Clinic has also been generously supported by other local partners including the Finance Fund Capital Corporation and Sisters Health Foundation.  Local investments leveraged additional grant funding for the clinic through the national Community Development Financial Institutions Fund.

In addition to oral healthcare service delivery, Hopewell has been a leader in integrating primary care and behavioral health services to better serve their patients.  Through a funding partnership, the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville (OHFN) and the Athens Hocking Vinton Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (317 Board) jointly supported Hopewell’s implementation of the Cherokee Health System Model for Integrated Care, incorporating behavioral health consultants at all primary care sites.  Through this integrated healthcare model, Hopewell was able to decrease wait time for psychiatric services by more than 90%.  Funding through the OHFN-317 Board partnership also allowed Hopewell to digitize all patient records allowing information to be shared between providers, ensuring patient care is informed and optimized by both behavioral health and primary care practitioners. 

In 2017, Hopewell served over 33,000 unduplicated patients across primary, oral and behavioral healthcare; substance use disorder treatment; and allied health, including speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and nutrition services.


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