Funding Approach

The Osteopathic Heritage Foundations’ approach to grantmaking is aligned with osteopathic medicine’s approach to patient care and community service. In keeping with osteopathic medicine’s philosophy of treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and acknowledging the system of factors that can influence health, we apply a holistic approach to funding to improve health and quality of life that recognizes social, economic and environmental factors impact the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Our Approach Comprises:

How We Make Investments

After identifying a funding issue or need, analyzing and understanding the current landscape and determining how the Foundations can best support agencies equipped to respond to the need, we deploy resources through a variety of strategies. The Foundations make investments through an invitation to submit process, request for proposals, or funding collaboration through which we partner with other organizations to pool resources for greater impact. Foundation staff work with applicants and partners to develop proposals that identify the most meaningful investments in their missions that align with our strategic priorities; an important part of this collaborative process is developing anticipated outcomes and clear plans for sustainability.

How We Measure Impact

From the beginning of a funding relationship, the Foundations work with organizations to determine desired outcomes and the data needed to measure results. The focus of this process is on identifying and measuring the most meaningful metrics to support continued learning and inform future strategies within both funded organizations and the Foundations. The Foundations work to support grant partners with capacity building opportunities that generate results and quality improvements, where possible. Often, we convene agencies and providers to facilitate learning and impacts across the community. Learn more on the Impact Stories page.