As part of the $105 million Vision 2020 funding award from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation, the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine has developed a $17 million research endowment strategy designed to expand and strengthen the college’s research platform.

The endowment strategy, which includes funding for three named endowed research chairs as well as a named endowment for professorships and fellowships, will foster new scholarly partnerships and attract national recognition for the innovative research being conducted at the Heritage College. The following are the OHF research endowments at the Heritage College:

  • John J. Kopchick, Ph.D., OHF Endowed Eminent Research Chair
  • The OHF James O. Watson, D.O., Endowed Research Chair
  • The OHF Harold E. Clybourne, D.O., Endowed Research Chair
  • The OHF Ralph S. Licklider, D.O., Research Endowment for Professorship and Faculty Fellowship Awards

“We are proud of the steps the Heritage College has taken to grow and develop its research enterprise,” said Richard Vincent, OHF president and CEO. “The more robust and rigorous the research program, the more likely solutions will be discovered that could improve the health and quality of life of vulnerable populations in Ohio.”

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