Our Leadership

Committed to Mission and Purpose

The Osteopathic Heritage Foundation and Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville Boards of Directors are a dedicated group of individuals, knowledgeable and passionate about the Foundations’ mission, history, funding priorities and approach to grantmaking.

To effectively manage the Foundations’ business and operations, a committed team provides professional services on behalf of both foundations. Working collaboratively with management are retained external subject matter experts in the areas of finance, investment and communications. This nimble and effective operational approach assures a principled allocation of available resources, primarily oriented to grantmaking investments in the community and mission-related activities.


Osteopathic Heritage Foundation

Robert A. Palma, DO, Chair
Steven E. Cox, Vice Chair
Ronald G. Linville, Treasurer
Rebecca E. deVillers, DO, Secretary
Terri Donlin Huesman, President/CEO
Thomas M. Anderson, DO
Thomas E. Baker, DO
Jane W. Cunningham
George O. Faerber, DO
Paige S. Gutheil, DO
Jeffrey D. Hutchison, DO
Dana M. Kromer, DO
Robert C. Overs
Mark R. Seckinger
Richard A. Vincent
Henry L. Wehrum, DO

Osteopathic Heritage Foundation
of Nelsonville

Steven E. Cox, Chair
Joseph A. Holtel, DO, Vice Chair
Mark R. Seckinger, Secretary/Treasurer
Terri Donlin Huesman, President/CEO
J. Michael Brooks
Rebecca E. deVillers, DO
George O. Faerber, DO
Charlene L. Kopchick
Edward W. Schreck, DO
Richard A. Vincent

Osteopathic Heritage Foundations Staff