Susan BeaudryThe Foundations’ Director of Programs, Susan Beaudry, was recently appointed to the joint City of Columbus and Franklin County Board of Commissioners Local Food Advisory Board. In an effort to guide the implementation and progress of the recently adopted Local Food Action Plan, Ms. Beaudry is among several community leaders and food systems experts selected to serve on the board.

The Local Food Action Plan was developed by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, Columbus City Council, Local Matters and multiple community stakeholders with the goal of improving access to healthy and affordable food by all area residents. The plan aims to measurably improve both healthy foods and education to support healthy eating habits for individuals and families in Franklin County. In addition, the Local Food Action Plan emphasizes the need to build a stronger market for local food businesses to foster job growth and community economic development.

Collaboration and communication between supporting agencies and the newly appointed advisory board—which includes representatives from area business owners, community agencies, researchers and local nonprofits invested in healthy food access and education—will support and oversee the implementation of the action plan.